Cute & Practical Bridesmaid Gifts

It’s been over a year since our wedding festivities, but here’s a quick post on the bridesmaid gifts I gave to the ladies in this world closest to me. I wanted to do something a little different, something practical, and definitely something that my friends could use afterwards that didn’t look so clearly bridesmaidy. I was shopping for these during the holiday season, between Black Friday and Christmas, so I found some GREAT deals.

  • Kate Spade Earrings –
    • I have always loved this brand, and knew that if I could incorporate something into my gifts, it would make them super special. The exact style I picked is no longer available, but they were sparkly but not too blingy, and came in the cutest little box. Sign up for the Kate Spade surprise sale emails – they have them 3 – 4 times per year and items are up to 75% off. I think the earrings were originally around $80, but I got them for $35 each. Many of my bridesmaid still wear them!


  • Portable Phone Charger
    • These are great and definitely come in handy on the big day when everyone is up early in the morning and out till midnight or later. I bought these from J Crew and Madewell, but in all honesty, the quality is not that great. I would recommend doing some research for better ones. Some options:

    • Mini-Moisturizer
      • I included this because I gave my bridesmaids these gifts right after we all made our own bouquets (TOTALLY doable with very little prior flower knowledge), so I knew their hands would need a little TLC. These were $8 from Anthropologie.

I wrapped these in my favorite simple wrapping paper (Target Spritz craft paper with white polka dots), and a cream and gold bakers twine. The ladies loved them!