butcher paper birthday sign

birthday sign

It was a friend’s birthday party potluck last night, so in addition to bringing some wine,  thought I would make a sign to celebrate! We ended up just hanging it on an empty wall with clear tape. It was so bright and festive!


  • Paper (you can even use the plain side of a brown paper bag)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors or a Rotary Cutter
  • Bright Paint + Paintbrushes
  • Hole Punch

sign materials

How To:

  1. Decide how large you want your triangles and cut them out.
    1. You will need at least 13 for the letters in “happy birthday.” And then however many more you need for the name and the extra decorative triangles
    2. To make it easy, I made mine at least as wide as two holes of a hole punch. Or you can adjust the hole punch notches to fit your pieces
  2. Paint them! And the extra decorative pieces. Wait for them to dry.
  3. String the triangles together. I inserted the ribbon into the first hole through the back, and then looped around the top so they stayed a little bit more stationary. Leave extra ribbon on the end in case you end up needing to tie it to something, or together.stringing the pieces together
  4. Enjoy it!