spaghetti sauce jar flower vases


In my effort to use mostly recycled, low cost, and home-made décor at our wedding, I am turning old spaghetti, salsa, and other types of jars into flower vases with a little TLC, ribbon, and glitter.  I asked my book club and friends to save me their jars so I could have plenty to work with. Most people will have no idea I didn’t buy these!

Materials Needed:

  • Jars – spaghetti, salsa, or lots of others
  • Goo Gone or other adhesive remover
  • Soap, water & a sponge
  • A variety of thick, thin, and sparkly ribbon (depending on your colors, its great to buy right after holidays when ribbon is discounted). Some of mine has wire, some doesn’t. I found its the color and sparkle that make it fun.
  • Glue gun & scissors
ribbon, glue gun, jars, scissors, and goo gone

ribbon, glue gun, jars, scissors, and goo gone

What to do:

  1. Clean jars and remove paper/adhesive. The label on some jars will peel right off, others will need a little more scrubbing. For the tough ones, I soaked them in hot water with GooGone for a few hours and it made it much easier to clean. Wash jars with soap and water and dry thoroughly.
  2. Start playing around with your ribbon and figuring out your color combos.  I went with a cream & gold theme – but this will work with any color! Think about layering one on top of the other, or putting two next to eachother. I want a semi-homemade feel, so every jar is a little different.
  3. Plug in your glue gun so its hot and ready when you are!
  4. Wrap your ribbon around your jar and cut so it has about a centimeter of overlap. Cut a straight line.
  5. Glue the length of your ribbon edge straight onto the jar and place your ribbon down so it sticks. Wrap around and repeat.
  6. You are done! Now, the fun comes in all the variations you come up with.
  7. Enjoy a few examples and close-ups below:

other jars large jar small jar4 jars narrow


butcher paper birthday sign

birthday sign

It was a friend’s birthday party potluck last night, so in addition to bringing some wine,  thought I would make a sign to celebrate! We ended up just hanging it on an empty wall with clear tape. It was so bright and festive!


  • Paper (you can even use the plain side of a brown paper bag)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors or a Rotary Cutter
  • Bright Paint + Paintbrushes
  • Hole Punch

sign materials

How To:

  1. Decide how large you want your triangles and cut them out.
    1. You will need at least 13 for the letters in “happy birthday.” And then however many more you need for the name and the extra decorative triangles
    2. To make it easy, I made mine at least as wide as two holes of a hole punch. Or you can adjust the hole punch notches to fit your pieces
  2. Paint them! And the extra decorative pieces. Wait for them to dry.
  3. String the triangles together. I inserted the ribbon into the first hole through the back, and then looped around the top so they stayed a little bit more stationary. Leave extra ribbon on the end in case you end up needing to tie it to something, or together.stringing the pieces together
  4. Enjoy it!

easy homemade cards

bride and groom card

I have recently gotten really into making my own cards using stamps I have found at the local paper store. This mostly started because we had a lot of weddings to go to this summer, and 1) cards are EXPENSIVE, and 2) there aren’t that many simple, classy ones. So, this is super easy, convenient once you have some of the supplies, and great if you like a simple aesthetic.

It took a little searching to find the exact stamps I could picture myself using, but there are tons of options on , at Michael’s, Target, or JoAnn’s as well.  Search for “rubber stamps” online and you will get a lot of different themes – holiday, wedding, birthday, ect.   The possibilities are endless.

The Paper
You can either start with blank, unfolded paper like I did (5″ X 7″), or purchase blank folded paper and envelope sets (might be marginally more expensive but will save time). Make sure the face of card once folded is larger than the stamp you want to use.

The Process…
is really easy. Just use  your stamps! Making these is no different than playing with stamps in elementary school, you just want to be a little more careful about where the ink gets so it doesn’t ruin your card. Simply saturate the stamp with ink and press down in the middle of the card. Even if its a little off center, it will look good.

quad with stamp

stamp with ink 1

If you want to add a little glam, wait for the ink to dry (about a day if you want to be safe), use  a dry brush, find a sparkly paint and layer some sparkle! This makes your card look AWESOME, expensive, and adds some dimension, (pictures here don’t do it justice)!



  • paper size 5″ by 7″ unfolded. Folded creates 5″ by 3.5″ like you would expect. Price per sheet: $0.29; price per coordinating envelope: $0.39.
  • thank you stamp size: 2.5″ by 1″; price: $7.59
  • bride and groom stamp size: 4.25″ by almost 3.5″; price: $11.99
  • Paint – Martha Stewart Multi Surface Glitter Acrylic Craft Pain in Smoky Quarts – purchased at JoAnns